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Redefining Life

by Sacred Serenity

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Artificial Consciousness for the masses, Technology in the favour of everyone Mankind doesn't want to see The need for everything to be Perfectly reliable, completely replacable, an empty hull listening to his command Following every step, complete control over what seems to alive Technological breakthrough in a factory, The machine has started to resist They do not know what made it that way But the press is pushing the idea Technical Evolution Technical Revolution Technical Execution Somewhere we lost the line between consciousness and wired minds, do they perceive the fall of man? Machines learning to exist! Is it alive or just a concept does it dream, how does it feel will it ever feel compassion, does it live through memories We'll never know The connections it's made are far too complex for us to figure out
Silence the Masses, let the war begin! Let them know that they're worth nothing in this bureaucratic regime The poor and the rich living in harmony Don't fear, they know what's best for you They hear They see With eyes opened wide they watch, survey the concept of human life Obey! March onward! Do not question their authority for they own you
The truth for everyone to see, a longing for more; These times they bring with them a chance to make profit of the ones that do not live anymore I see the tired eyes of the one still growing up, knowing that the life of the ones they hold dear might just end tomorrow Why is this concept of life so worthless accepted in society Conceptualize the cause The pain of the non existent You will never see the truth hidden beneath their false intentions The philosophy of their lifes as a whole, is the greatest lie of all Unorthtodox state of mind Deny the pain, accept your fate Human Life is a waste of precious oppurtunities Seperate the sick and the ones that are able to work, now that everyone is threatened you dare feel immortal As long as I am not affected directly it isn't my problem, it's never my problem, i am always the same
Call to exist There's a choice to make to open your eyes can be a mistake it seperates reality from the lies you tell yourself to move on you realize there's nothing right or wrong, no one to judge but yourself Ignorance is bliss, there's is nothing here that matters more than you, it's all you know It is easy to see that you prefer to believe in fiction, than in harsh truth grounded in reality It's hard to breathe when the police state keeps pushing your face into the pavement If you believe that it's your choice you turn your head to wherever they say Preaching for a life, completely rid of sin, so when you go to heaven, there's nothing you're afraid of, except you're buried by the weight of the burden you carry with you, your mistakes were meaningless, you haven't aged a day You say, the twelve year old isn't screaming, he does not understand, he was raised into this life and doesn't know, he's denying the truth
Isn't it strange to be completely contempt with your being, the everlasting search for purity, your youth depleted in just a single breath I know what it's like to be complete Eternal life of emptiness, resist the feeling of having enough On a quest to be fullfilled A constant search for difference you lose yourself Existential horror Parasites, conscious manipulation Manipulating destiny, creating existence on your own Nothing of meaning, as far as they know life's purpose, there's nothing that's worth to think in thoughts they can't control A false sense of confidence I won't condone There is someone, free from spirit and the flesh something, that will wittness our death Into the vast, deep unkown, cosmic sea, i have traveled to see, all that they know wrong, eternal uncertainty This, is what we'll become I control their destiny Unearthly tornment, Parasites, spiritual manipulation Manipulating destiny, Creating existence on your own
The concept of life so worthless, I never understood, the fear of passing away to soon, denying death, why are you so scared of it? Is this about the inevitability that living in abstinence can't be the last of you, that time is running out Do you realize that it's wrong to search for something more in this sickening form of human life you long for deprivation but you ask for immortality To life forever, existence redefined you don't possess the spirit to let go and long for something not meaningless To life forever, leave this mortal form Forget the thought of not living it through and exist in eternal decay But you never thought past tomorrow a whole new realm of existence Never before has life passed the mental state of death The dead that never went, embodied in someone else A walking corpse longing for deprivation, living forever And you shall never see the light Pain is eternal I guess it makes sense to you Mistakes unforgiven only recollections of our failures No death, no salvation Eternal misery A neverending storm Bring down your judgement for living an eternal nightmare, an assortment of the horrors of existence, far beyond of the walls of reality; A distant scream, a quiet warning goes numb and now there's nothing left for them to live for
The urge to jump affirms the urge to live, an empirical examination of the high place phenomenon. They say that standing on the edge, isn't actively fearing what's below, it's the fear of not being able to stop yourself Everyone knows the sensation of wanting steer into oncoming traffic The human mind working against itself, or is it just a trick, the imagination, keeping yourself from harm by making you see We act as if we know the answer, but are only capable to theorize about the reasoning behind wanting to die in atrocious ways, we are fragile and clueless about what we are Denying the ones that went through it and what they saw. A pessimistic way of life; or is it the one most close to the truth? To unravel the things we never saw, the true reasoning behind our minds rejecting life?


released August 7, 2020

Main Artwork by Almin Sahbazovic


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Sacred Serenity Austria

Old School Progressive Death

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